Islander in Palawan

The longest white sand beach in the Philippines. 14-kilometer of unspoilt wonder

ShareTweet P-A-L-A-W-A-N. What picture pops in your mind when you hear the word P-A-L-A-W-A-N? White beaches, clean turquoise waters, colorful corals, abundant marine creatures, UNESCO-stamped Underground River, sun-kissed island hopping tours and can I say delicious mango shake? I guess you have to visit Palawan if these pictures didn’t come to mind. You should put on your travel list- “Be an islander in Palawan A.S.A.P.” Palawan is still on top of my beautiful destinations in the Philippines. I am soooo lucky to have kept coming back five or maybe six times just this year. Palawan locals have this phrase, “kambak! kambak!” […]

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Real, Quezon Adventure

A Slice of Paradise Francis

ShareTweet Real, Quezon Adventure Trip! Definitely one of my favorite easy-access destination from Manila is Real, Quezon. Only a 4-hour van/bus commute or a 3.5 hours by private car, Real, Quezon, is a good destination for thrill seekers not to mention a scenic one too. If you leave Manila before 5:00am you will be awed by a sunrise on the horizon making Laguna’s rice fields gold during the harvest season. A tour participant described it as “a slice of paradise” and I call it “quick escape for real adventure.” When I think about Quezon, I think about the romance of […]

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Top Five Places in the Philippines to Retire

Siquijor Sunset

ShareTweet Leading property portal Lamudi explores the top five places to retire in the Philippines AUGUST 2014: It is never too early to make retirement plans in order to prepare yourself in terms of financing and security. Most of the time, retirement is associated with an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and people think of being somewhere peaceful and close to nature. But why of all places in the World, should you retire in the Philippines? To begin with, the cost of living is affordable. There are numerous perks and discounts to being a Senior Citizen […]

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