Accommodations in Dahican Beach, Mati City

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ShareTweet I spent almost a year living among the Amihan Boys in Dahican Beach in 2013. Friends always ask me about accommodation, tent and hammock options around the area so I thought of blogging about this for the information of everyone. Here’s Accommodations in Dahican Beach, Mati City complete with contact numbers, email addresses and rates. You can also check “How to get to Dahican Beach” at the end of the article. 1. Amihan sa Dahican (Tent) Home of the Amihan Boys, those skimboarders who fly on waves you always see on photos, this area of the beach is the […]

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Cagayan’s Yummy Pancit Batil Patung

Pancit Batil Patung Tuguegarao

ShareTweet Pancit Batil Patung (sometimes Patong). How come people name a pancit as complicated as that? According to my history teacher in Elementary, pancit came from the Chinese merchants and Filipinos began to love it and create many versions of it- we have bihon, canton (obviously Chinese right?). Soon other towns created their own variety- Pancit Malabon, Pancit Bato (Camarines), Pancit Habhab (Quezon), Pancit Molo (Iloilo) and the list would not end. But this is about Cagayan’s pancit batil patung and the  preparation is as complicated as its named. When I was in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan I immediately asked the tricycle […]

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PH Travel Idea: 3 Largest Lakes

Taal Lake from above (Image from

ShareTweet Mountaineers can easily identify the three tallest mountains in the Philippines. most people are keen to know World and country trivia like the biggest whatever, smallest whatever or longest, etc. Since we Filipinos have this adiction, might as well capitalize on this. Giving you an idea of the biggest lakes in the Philippines and how to visit them can make your travel plans exciting: 1. Laguna Lake Actually, calling this Laguna Lake is redundant since laguna is the Spanish of lake. That is why we also hear people call this Laguna de Bay (Bay’s Lake- Bay is the old capital town of […]

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