10 Travel Hacks You Need To Do on Your Next Trip


ShareTweet Take note of this travel hacks and be sure to save a LOT on your travel expenses. Take it from someone who has traveled the Philippines and Southeast Asia the cheapest way possible! 1. Couchsurf. I have been using CouchSurfing since 2009. And I can say that I have met the coolest and most inspiring travelers, hosts and friends through this. CouchSurfing is an online community of travelers offering a couch or bed to stay with for a couple of nights for free. It is not about free accommodation, it is more of sharing humanity and travel experiences. Staying with […]

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Practical Tips to Save on Flights


ShareTweet How to Travel Cheap in the PhilippinesIn traveling, three of the most expensive expenses are transportation, accommodation and food. Imagine saving atlas 30% from flights. This savings can be used to book tours or hostels. 1. Book on a Tuesday (or Wednesday). Airlines usually have cheaper flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays compared on weekends since there are more people looking for flights on weekends. This is just simple economy, the more the demand, the higher the price. Insider Tip: It is also cheaper if you book 45 days +/- before your intended departure. I don’t know the reason for […]

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Photo Essay: 25 Things I Love About Pretty Pai (3 of 3)

Art in Chai

ShareTweet It is interesting that Pai from where I live means “friend.” “Kamusta na pai?” (How are you friend?). Palawan’s version of the Visayan bai. And maybe that name has some cosmos power that it divides the barrier of culture and indifference among those who visit the town of Pai in Northern Thailand. So different when you compare to Bangkok where you also meet interesting travelers. But Pai, Pai is going inside a cafe alone and going out with at least an invitation to go here or meet later for beers. You will never be alone. I don’t know how that […]

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