Schick Exacta Parkour Challenge

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ShareTweet Do you still remember that feeling the day after your first visit to the gym? Your muscles wanting for more workout, looking forward to the next sesh. That was my experience days after Schick Exacta’s PARKOUR CHALLENGE. For those who don’t know what Parkour is: Parkour (French pronunciation: [paʁkuʁ]]) is a French word meaning (obstacle) course. First used to train military but now slowly getting much acceptance especially after Casino Royale and Bourne Ultimatum used the discipline in their cool chase scenes. Parkour includes running, jumping, vaulting, swinging and rolling. Parkour is slowly becoming known here in the Philippines […]

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PH Travel Idea: 3 Largest Lakes

Taal Lake from above (Image from

ShareTweet Mountaineers can easily identify the three tallest mountains in the Philippines. most people are keen to know World and country trivia like the biggest whatever, smallest whatever or longest, etc. Since we Filipinos have this adiction, might as well capitalize on this. Giving you an idea of the biggest lakes in the Philippines and how to visit them can make your travel plans exciting: 1. Laguna Lake Actually, calling this Laguna Lake is redundant since laguna is the Spanish of lake. That is why we also hear people call this Laguna de Bay (Bay’s Lake- Bay is the old capital town of […]

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Finally! 100 Days Journey book its out!


ShareTweet After more than 2 years, finally, my “100 Days Journey” book is now out! eBook. Read online. I thought it would be better to publish the book online so as to lessen my carbon footprint. Do you know that 6 trees are cut down to make 1 book?   So no need to pay if you want to read the book, just visit the website: and read the chapters there. I just want to ask you to read the eBook in the morning when your mind is uncluttered, with your coffee (or tea). Don’t read it while doing […]

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