Palawan Journey Photo Essay

Palawan Journey Day 4

ShareTweet Been busy the past weeks since leaving for Bali and my unexpected India trip last April. I just got back from a week in Cebu and had the idea of sharing some of my Palawan Journey photos and some snippet. I have to admit though that I’m starting to love Instagram more Facebook and blogging. I forgot about Twitter already. haha Palawan Journey: A Celebration of Death is my way of meditating on my father’s death and the end of a very important relationship in my life. Celebrating death and life and love. Along the 922 kilometers of the journey […]

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Summer is Cooler with Globe Cloud’s Summer Selfie Promo

Globe summerselfie

ShareTweet What a better way to spend summer of 2015 but simplify your digital life by organizing all your files, and when I say all your files, I mean photos, videos, documents, contacts and even those old SMS that you have been saving for the past 10 years. Globe just launched their newest app Globe Cloud that allows you to store, sync and share ALL your files across ALL your devices- phone, iPad, laptop, and your office computer. In this age of fast and mobile technology we want our photos, videos, contacts, important files and links be easy to manage and simple to share. This […]

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Living Outside the Box (Or Avocado Shake Reflection)

Why can't we just be free like kids running wild by the shore?

ShareTweet Note: This reflection happen during my #PalawanJourney There were lots of chattering happening around… in French, Español, English and German… I wrote this as I wait for my Avocado shake in Nacpan Beach, El Nido. My heart pumping wildly not only because I’m moving to the next beach but moreso because I just finished a big cup of brewed coffee. I took the first sip and lick my lips of the remaining avocado shake around it. What a great way to spend the day! I sip another from my glass. We are a generation of people addicted to the […]

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