Making Money Doing What You Love Most


ShareTweet One of my many secrets in traveling is to “make money doing what I love most.” It has become my bread and butter since 2007. Nowadays I offer reasonable and personalized travel packages in El Nido, Davao, Baler, Coron, Quezon and many more. 2010 when I started blogging about my running and travels that I learned more about “making money doing what I am passionate about.” Since then, I have seen I have learned a lot from meeting people with the same mindset as mine. Not only that, I have sustained my lifestyle of travel and location independence. I […]

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Learning to Live A Simple Life: The Art of Letting Go (Part 2 of 2)

I was able to know more of myself and be satisfied with having a little.

ShareTweet Learning to Live A Simple Life Part 1 of 2: THE QUEST FOR MORE Part 2 of 2 : THE ART OF LETTING GO “To let go and surrender To be contented and happy That is the art of simple life.” Living a simple life is rather hard. -It is because we have become so accustomed of getting what we want when we want it. -It is because we have so conditioned ourselves of the comforts and convenience of the world. -It is because only a few out there are telling you to be contented with what you have. -It […]

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It Is Time to Grow Your Own Food


ShareTweet As I became a pescatarian (vegetarian + seafood), I become to rethink about the food that I eat- how it affects me, how it affects my feelings and emotions and how in the long run it affects the economy of which I am involved with. I started to ask where does my food comes and remember my childhood days- ang gulay pinipitas lang sa tabing bahay o sa kapitbahay (that vegetables can be harvested from the backyard or the neighbor). I think this is also the time to re-think “healthy” and “all-natural” food. Example would be 3-in-1 instant fake […]

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