Dahican Beach, Mati City Quickie

Dahican Beach Cove

ShareTweet I wanna revive the QUICKIE section of my blog. I have been here in one of my favorite beaches in the Philippines- Dahican Beach in Mati City, Davao Oriental. If you have a Philippine map, Mati City is in the south easternmost part of the Philippines in my local tongue, sa dulo na ng Pilipinas. Wanna let you know why I keep coming back to this side of the country in five photos. Let me start with Dahican Beach Cove which stretches around 2 kilometers. A sanctuary for Green Sea Turtles and Olive Ridley. It is also known for […]

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Tabaco City, Albay Quickie

Tabaco Padjak and Mayon

ShareTweet The more I travel the more I realize that there are more places of interest that I need to explore. Being a first-timer in Tabaco City I enjoyed taking photos and learning something new even just for a short time. Wanna update you of my latest destination- Tabaco City, Albay. Here are three photos that would best describe Tabaco City (for me). Many say that Tabaco got its name from “Tabak ko” (or bolo) but history would tell us the land’s primary product was “tobacco,” yes the ones we use in our cigarettes. Even before the Spaniards came the […]

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Mt. Pico de Loro Quickie

James and Gwen

ShareTweet I should be in Baler riding 4-6ft waves that day but because of my good friend’s invitation for a day hike to Pico de Loro I found myself on board a car going to Maragondon, Cavite to hike not only with THE Pinoy Mountaineer but also with the stars of GMA 7- Sheena Halili, Gwen Zamora and Luis Alandy not to mention of course the hardcore mountaineers Koi and Daryl. Very rarely that I choose hiking over surfing and it was really surprising that I got stoked while on the trails and even heading back home so instead of […]

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