I Fell In Love in Bali

Watching sunset at Irrawaddy River, Mandalay after biking around the city and playing sepak takraw with Buddhist monks

ShareTweet One Epic Night in El Nido, Palawan  “Do you dance?” asked the American girl in a bar playing live acoustics. “I don’t dance. Ahhmm maybe when I’m already tipsy.” We were introduced and as usual have to talk through the night with a SMB on my right hand. I got tipsy easily and after I finished my second bottle I found myself dancing with her. The band finished their two sessions and I decided to continue dancing in the next bar- Puca Bar. Other men tried dancing with her but I was pushing them over since I don’t want […]

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Epic 3rd Blog Anniversary and Beach Party


ShareTweet How can you blog about an epic weekend when you have still that “happy hangover”? Northern Road Trip + Cool Company of Friends + Boodle Fights + Filipino Games + Mini-Bonfire + Summerish Weather + Camping by the Beach + Hammocks + Awesome Raffle and Give-aways + Happy Hangover + Surfing Sessions = 3rd JourneyingJames Blog Anniversary Party and #Projectjomalig Thanksgiving Party. How can you blog about an epic weekend when you have still that “happy hangover”? The hangover that doesn’t give you a headache but one that says at the back of your head, “that was one weekend […]

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Newest Attraction in Surigao- Chocolate Mountains

Carrascal area- as viewed from Surigao sea

ShareTweet Looking for a new destination? Something that your friends and loved ones haven’t seen or experienced before? Come to Surigao! I rarely promote off-the-beaten-path destinations for fear of it becoming another Boracay but this one should be told to everyone. Here are some of the attractions you can expect: 1. Spice up your life with a luxurious bus ride. And when I say “luxurious” (pronounced LUKSORYOS in the Surigaonon dialect), it means that the ride is filled with “lukso” (hop in English) since the bus would trail you into a 2-hour bumpy ride. To add more adventure, it will […]

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