Finally! 100 Days Journey book its out!


ShareTweet After more than 2 years, finally, my “100 Days Journey” book is now out! eBook. Read online. I thought it would be better to publish the book online so as to lessen my carbon footprint. Do you know that 6 trees are cut down to make 1 book?   So no need to pay if you want to read the book, just visit the website: and read the chapters there. I just want to ask you to read the eBook in the morning when your mind is uncluttered, with your coffee (or tea). Don’t read it while doing […]

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PH Travel Idea: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Philippine World Heritage Sites

ShareTweet The next Philippine Travel Idea is to visit all the  ☑ 9 UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES For a quick lesson, a UNESCO Heritage site is a place (forest, mountain, lake, desert, monument, building, complex or city) that is of special cultural or physical significance. (UNESCO) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. World famous sites include India’s Taj Majal, AZ’s Grand Canyon National Park (which I really want to see), Peru’s Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat Complex in Siem Reap Cambodia and Old Bagan in Myanmar. In our country, the most famous are Vigan’s Heritage City, the Rice Terraces which we always see […]

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Lovin’ My Islander Slippers

Islander slippers in Davao, getting some wave froth with a sea turtle hatchling.

ShareTweet I want to be blunt here. If you remember I wrote months ago about LOCALISM and supporting local products because it helps our economy and encourages patriotism too. The truth is, there are still times when I use (or buy) imported products specially when the local ones are not as good as the imported ones. Reality check: It is really hard to support localism especially when everyone else has this colonial mentality. Months ago, I was offered sponsorship by a local brand named ISLANDER. I believe you’ve heard about this brand before and believe that their slippers are more […]

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