Where to go now that Boracay is closed

ShareTweet For the past 10 years or so, Boracay has been the number 1 tourist attraction in the country. The island has earned world recognition as being one of the best tropical destinations in the world, mainly thanks to its fantastic beach and laidback atmosphere.   Sadly, the hordes of tourists flocking the place have changed its character significantly – from a small peaceful island into a busy commercial monster. While the rehabilitation process might be a bit too extreme, it’s Undoubtedly overdue. Not only will it give Boracay a much-needed chance to fix the many environmental and infrastructural issues […]

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LAOS: The Great Mekong and My Nakhong at 4,000 Islands

ShareTweet The Great Mekong River has a sound of it’s own- sagacious and feeble at the same time. Slowly drifting from Tibet to Southern China through the valleys and mountains of Laos, Burma and Thailand, traveling patiently until it reaches her destination- Mother Ocean, the source of it all. A four thousand one hundred eighty kilometers journey passing by 5 territories. That is like 60 hours of driving non-stop, really non-stop. As quiet as it seemed, it has killed the most compared to all the Great Rivers of the World, mostly of flooding caused by overflow and siltation. Is this another […]

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All About Hammock Republic Duoyan

ShareTweet I have been wanting to blog about my own product since 2 years ago but I can’t find the right words to describe it. So much ideas but less and less time to really sit down and write about it. Anyway, this is not only about Hammock Republic but also my own research about the culture and history of hammocks. The Hammock History First Users Hammocks (or duyans) have been present thousands of years ago. The first users of “hamaca” (Spanish for hammocks) where the Inca tribes  of South America for sleeping. Then sailors started using it because it […]

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