Learning to Live A Simple Life: The Art of Letting Go (Part 2 of 2)

I was able to know more of myself and be satisfied with having a little.

ShareTweet Learning to Live A Simple Life Part 1 of 2: THE QUEST FOR MORE Part 2 of 2 : THE ART OF LETTING GO “To let go and surrender To be contented and happy That is the art of simple life.” Living a simple life is rather hard. -It is because we have become so accustomed of getting what we want when we want it. -It is because we have so conditioned ourselves of the comforts and convenience of the world. -It is because only a few out there are telling you to be contented with what you have. -It […]

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It Is Time to Grow Your Own Food


ShareTweet As I became a pescatarian (vegetarian + seafood), I become to rethink about the food that I eat- how it affects me, how it affects my feelings and emotions and how in the long run it affects the economy of which I am involved with. I started to ask where does my food comes and remember my childhood days- ang gulay pinipitas lang sa tabing bahay o sa kapitbahay (that vegetables can be harvested from the backyard or the neighbor). I think this is also the time to re-think “healthy” and “all-natural” food. Example would be 3-in-1 instant fake […]

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Learning to Live A Simple Life: THE QUEST FOR MORE (Part 1 of 2)

Simple Life on a hammock

ShareTweet Learning to Live A Simple Life Part 1 of 2: THE QUEST FOR MORE Part 2 of 2 : THE ART OF LETTING GO “Instant gratification, high-speed absolutely everything, and bigger, faster, stronger, more consumptive ways of doing everything from generating an Internet connection to creating a vent mocha frappucino with a triple shot, soy creamer, and six different kinds of artificial sweeteners…Because of these need for “more,” we have effectively barred ourselves from nature and the slower pace and greater rewards of a simpler lifestyle.” – Permaculture Design 101 Since childhood we were conditioned to own. And by “own” I […]

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