Living Outside the Box (Or Avocado Shake Reflection)

Why can't we just be free like kids running wild by the shore?

ShareTweet Note: This reflection happen during my #PalawanJourney There were lots of chattering happening around… in French, Español, English and German… I wrote this as I wait for my Avocado shake in Nacpan Beach, El Nido. My heart pumping wildly not only because I’m moving to the next beach but moreso because I just finished a big cup of brewed coffee. I took the first sip and lick my lips of the remaining avocado shake around it. What a great way to spend the day! I sip another from my glass. We are a generation of people addicted to the […]

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Palawan Journey Fun and Interesting Facts

Long Beach San Vicente

ShareTweet Sharing with you some fun and interesting facts about Palawan Journey. To read how it started, go here: Palawan Journey: A Celebration of Death   Actual Route: Day 1: Puerto Princesa – San Vicente, Long Beach (via Itabiak Road) Day 2: Around San Vicente Day 3: San Vicente Day 4: San Vicente – El Nido (Corong-Corong) *went back to Puerto to do bank errands, took the night bus and left my motorbike at El Nido Terminal Day 5: Puerto Princesa (sometimes re-routing is part of the journey) *then took the afternoon bus to El Nido and drove late night […]

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Palawan Journey: A Celebration of Death

Palawan Road Trip

ShareTweet My father taught me how to ride the motorbike year 1999. Fast forward 2015, I’m here in Palawan under going some major internal journey. CROSSROADS. CHANGES. TRANSFORMATION. Seems like choosing the name JOURNEYingjames is not just like that. You see I chose this name not only because it sounds good and blends perfectly with the name James. I always knew that this life of mine here on earth is meant to move, learn, expand, grow, love and journey. Saw this on my MacAir’s dictionary as I’m writing this While all of these nouns refer to a course of travel […]

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