Epic Pai: Games, Guitar and Ganja (1 of 3)

Pai 762 curves

ShareTweet Epic Pai: Games, Guitar and Ganja (1 of 3) Instead of creating a Pai travel guide, I would go oldskul travel blogging and share you my experience, a story… an epic one about Pai. Note the word before Pai (and to think this is just the first of the three-part series). The Chiang Mai guesthouse owner who became my friend kept on telling me to go to Pai. He said, “Go to Pai, party, you’ll enjoy it there. Maybe 1 week, good for you.” Maybe he just wanted me out of his guesthouse. haha I was enjoying the Old City and the […]

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Ironies of Life and Traveling (A Reflection)

Paddling into Lod Cave in Northern Thailand, the closest thing to paddling into a wave

ShareTweet While waiting for my vegetable curry in this local restaurant where I always eat, my mind somehow reminded me of the videos it took while on the road. You know those moments that you weren’t able to capture on your camera but is still looming in your head. Those photos that cannot be developed but stays in your mind just because. THE IRONY OF CRAZY… – Orange-clad monks who practically left everything walking along Chiang Mai night market where tourists are crazy to buy this and that. The IRONY of letting go and getting more. – European backpackers who […]

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Tea for Dinner, for 10 Days? Why Not?


ShareTweet This is a story of my 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat in Northern Thailand. This is the centerpiece of my 100 Days of Backpacking Southeast Asia. Actually, my initial plan was just to visit my cousin in Phom Pehn, Cambodia and then do the 10-Day Meditation Course and go back home to the Philippines but as we all know, things change. Will talk more about “change” in the next paragraphs. Surrender The day of registration we were asked to surrender our valuable things like camera, cellphone, laptops and even reading and writing materials. We were also asked to temporarily discontinue […]

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