My Top 10 Fave Things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monks inside the temple

ShareTweet I just started this 3-month Southeast Asian journey and now on my 2nd week. Like many travelers I met say, “travelers gets stuck in Chiang Mai.” And I have to agree, I want to live here already. So much things to do and cafés to see and travelers to meet. The list  here are the things I always do or should I say, the fun things I do… plus you don’t need much money to do each. I’ll give you the prices too. Let’s start my top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai: 1. Drop the map, bike […]

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Why We Travel?


ShareTweet Today I ask, “Why I travel?” and maybe ask everyone, “Why we travel?” Why do we leave our comfort zones and our cozy homes? Why do we buy expensive plane tickets and check-in guesthouses when we have a nice apartment or house to live in? Pico Iyer, one of my favorites, asks the same question and answered or better yet, created more questions after writing ’bout “Why we travel?“ Traveling is Brutality So why? Why do we subject ourselves into brutality of going to places with foods we don’t recognize or language we can’t understand and road directions we […]

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The Tale of Two Waterfalls: Aliwagwag and Tinuy-an Falls

The fairies and water nymphs woke me in the middle of the night to check out this beauty. Or I must have been dreaming?

ShareTweet It was during my 3-day motorbike trip from Mati City to Cantilan, Surigao del Sur via the Surigao-Davao Coastal Road that I visited these two waterfalls- Aliwagwag Falls in the town of Cateel and Tinuy-an in Bislig City. I wanted to see them because I was somehow getting used to the view of the ocean as I was staying in my humble kubo in Dahican Beach for weeks before this trip. As a waterbaby, I wanted something new, something different from saltwater, something refreshing but not painful to the eyes like the waterfalls. ALIWAGWAG FALLS The drive from Mati […]

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