Palawan Chronicles III: Solo Beach Camping in El Nido (Part 1)

ShareTweet WARNING: Don’t try this if you don’t know how to swim or you don’t know how to build your own fire. Are you afraid of big monkeys? Forget about solo beach camping. Day 1 My travel journal says, The sun is about to set in this part of the world. How I wish I am always connected with nature like this. Barefooted, not bothered if my feet are covered with sand. I love it actually- the world is absent to judge you according to what they think is right.” -journeyingjames (4:30PM, December 2, 2010) Money at hand is not […]

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Backpacker of the Month: RV Escatron

ShareTweet Who doesn’t want to read from someone who describes himself like this: …he earns barely enough to feed his hunger for travel. So, to taste the local flavor and experience the local color are just excuses to travel on a shoestring budget. But as it turned out, his travel diary (with budget, local information and tips) is another man’s treasure trove!” “HARD KNOCKS UNIVERSITY!” said RV, our December Backpacker of the Month, when asked to describe BACKPACKING in three (3) words. Some Appetizers… I’m always excited to learn from Pinoy backpackers, and I want to share the excitement by sharing my […]

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Palawan Chronicles II: Puerto Princesa City Tour

ShareTweet Palawan Chronicles II: Puerto Princesa City Tour (The Palawan Museum, Plaza Cuartel & Immaculate Conception Cathedral) Puerto Princesa City has been my home for almost a year in 2008 and 2009. I have roamed its streets so many times that the must-see spots have become too familiar. I observed that when a certain place (like home) became too common and routinely we forget to see its beauty, we fail to behold what first-time visitors came for to be awed and inspired. That happened to me in Puerto Princesa City- Honda Bay became like a mall where I go any […]

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